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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tummy Aches

So much has happened in the last 3 weeks I'm not sure my old brain can remember it all. However, I will try.

The weekend after my last post, sweet Sydney started having tummy problems, pain, nausea, lack of appetite. I figured we had contracted the dreaded tummy bug that is making the rounds in K-town, so I accordingly quarantined her, leaving Joe and Kel to fend for themselves. Well, after two days of no eating and pain, we headed to Children's Hospital. After 9 hours in the E.R., Syd was admitted with no diagnosis -- maybe chronic constipation. Really? After 9 hours, that's the BEST YOU GOT?

Day 2 in the hospital brought our pediatrician in with a diagnosis -- an acute gastritis attack. Day 3 brought an additional esophagitis diagnosis. She is a champion acid producer, just like her mom. Anyhoo, she came home on Day 3 with about a zillion medications. Our fridge is decorated with a medicine chart just so mom doesn't overdose her on Pepcid!

After 11 days away, she returned to school for the last week and was able to enjoy her class Christmas party. Her recovery is not complete -- good days and bad -- but she is better. She eats and plays, dances and sings and is anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival in 3 days. She is banned from eating chocolate, tomatoes (ketchup -- oh, my!) or oranges, but we have become creative and she's handling it well. I am hoping in a month she will be good as new.

As for the rest of us, we're ready for Christmas. The packages are wrapped, the cards are out and school is on hiatus. The in-laws are here for 5 days, the house is all pretty-fied and we're busting at the seams. We're getting back to normal. Life goes on.

I probably won't be blogging until after the holidays, so see ya' next year!

Merry Christmas!


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