Formerly the Birchfield family blog, this space has been taken over by Sydney B., hip-hop dancer, softball player, fashion designer and youngest of the Birchfield clan.

There will be an occasional note from mom when something of interest pops up, but most of the commentary/photos/drawings will be from the young mind of Sydneyboo, diva in training.

No spelling or grammar critiques, please!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuff about Sydney B's life

It's Friday! My favorite day of the week! I have tournament this weekend. Bllllllaaaahhhhhhh! I have to wake up at 7:00! Only an hour before school! That's RIDICULOUS! I am so not excited. Kelsey is blabbing about her friend's old teacher that takes anger managment classes because she through a table out the window. Nice right? Today is the day to just relax. So I am going to kick back and just relax.And also, Happy birthday Joey! Bye everybody! Thanks for looking at my blog!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

School Time!

It's back to shool time with Sydney Birchfield! My first 6 weeks of school in the 4th grade!So exciting right? NOT. Now let's get to the exciting part. Last Monday, we had our first two league games! We won both of them. I pitched. I did pretty good but not great.We played the fury and intensity. I had practice today. I have a double header tomorrow. Hope we do great! We have a tournament next weekend in pigeon forge. I think were going to win!

Love ya!