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Monday, October 13, 2008

West Wing

My good friend, Christine, living down in sunny Florida, sent me an email quite a while back and, as I do sometimes, I saved it to read later because at the time I was running to the store, running to the ballpark, running to school, running SOMEWHERE. So this morning, this beautiful red and orange and yellow and green and brown fall morning, I decided I would catch up on all my saved e-mails while the kiddos were at school, while the house was peaceful and while I enjoyed my breakfast of egg-white omelet, whole wheat toast and soy milk. Sad, huh? Have I mentioned I'm almost 40? Yeah, well, that kinda diet goes with the territory, folks. I digress...

Anyhoo, my dear friend is a very liberal woman, an Obama supporter, one SMART chica, in my humble opinion. She's also not afraid to spread the liberalism and she knows I'm one who welcomes it because, to tell ya' the truth, there are days here in the ol' Bible Belt I feel like I'm suffocating. So when I got her email a while back I saved it, knowing there would be a day, a quiet morning sometime, when I could really give it the attention it deserves. Today is the day, my friends.

Her opened email said, "I miss Jed Bartlett...watching him Wednesday nights got me through the first Bush term." And then there was a link to a NY Times Opinion article written by Aaron Sorkin, creator/writer of The West Wing, a show my mom and brother watched faithfully until the end. Joe and I watched it quite a bit, but missed some of it in later years, as it conflicted with something we were doing.

So today I clicked on the link, was magically transported to the NY Times and I read a dialogue Sorkin created between fictional president Jed Bartlett and hopefully future president Barack Obama. FANTABULOUS, folks. If you're a conservative, of course, maybe not so much to you. But if you're REALLY conservative, you probably don't come here much anyway because my opinions drive you insane. So for most of you, this will be a treat. Follow the link below and set your mind free...

NY Times Article


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Report Cards, Chihuahuas and A Driver's License

Kel came home with her first 6 weeks report card today. Syd's was curiously absent. She says it's coming home tomorrow. Should I be worried? With her, ya' never know, but I'm choosing to believe that at 7 she is not old enough to think far enough ahead to the old, "I lost it and need another copy, so I won't get it until next week" excuse that many of my friends use to use in high school, putting off the inevitable parental confrontation about lackluster academic performance. I'm choosing to believe that her report card will be coming home tomorrow.

Anyhoo, Kel outperformed herself this first term (no grade lower than a 98), in spite of the fact that she is bored to tears and now has a daily mantra when she enters the car. When I ask, "How was your day?", she says, "Fine, the usual, un-fun." Sigh... I know I keep saying MAYBE we're going to leave the co-op this year, MAYBE the time is ripe, blah, blah. MAYBE I need to close my eyes, cross my fingers and toes and JUST DO IT!

As I've said earlier, Kel's teacher is not the most creative, the most exciting, the most energetic gal I've ever met, but she's young and I had hopes that this year she might branch out of her tightly woven Christian shell and throw some music on the ol' boombox during down time and maybe even use incentives like an extra recess or a popcorn party to get the kids motivated. So I'm blindly optimistic, sue me.

Today, Kel got in the car and told me she and a couple of her friends were talking about this new movie, something about a Beverly Hills Chihuahua, where the dogs talk, etc. It looks really supremely lame to her dad and me, but she thinks it is going to be THE BOMB. So do her other friends. So, as friends will do, they were discussing how excited they were about it coming out. Kel said the teacher told them they had to stop their discussion because they "weren't allowed to talk about movies at school." What the -- ?!? I'll bet if we were discussing Fireproof, the newest Christian flick to be shoved at our kids like it's sugar on a stick, the discussion could be built on for hours, with maybe even an essay thrown in for good measure. Because movies are EVIL, people, except for ones with a big Christian-approved sticker on the poster. There has to be a place in the world where a kid can be a kid and be excited about kid things without being told it's dark and evil, right? RIGHT?

In other news, the J-Train took and passed his driver's license test on Tuesday. WOOHOO! He will be trekking to K-town this weekend from Jeff. Co. (ON THE INTERSTATE) for the first time alone. I don't want to know what time he leaves. I don't want to know what ALMOST happened on the way here. I just want him to come in the door in one piece. So consider this a warning to all you on the roads this weekend and every weekend from here on out: There are now TWO Birchfield men legally on the roads!

So that's it for this one, folks. Fall is here in the Southeast and it's gorgeous and a little chilly and PERFECT today. The kiddos are healthy, giggly and not fussing this afternoon, and the fridge is full from a morning trip to the grocery store. I know what I'm fixing for dinner and we have no softball obligations tonight. It's a good day today. I'll keep ya' posted about tomorrow! :)